Is your skin ready for Spring? DIY Strawberry mask.

By Michelle Fong

Is your skin ready for Spring?  DIY Strawberry mask.

Let's face it, your makeup will always look better when your skin is at it's best! 

I love experimenting with items from my kitchen to make fresh masks to pamper my face.  

Here's a fresh solution to oily skin:

Try this strawberry lemon face brightening mask.  Mix these ingredients and apply evenly to your face  Let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes.  Rinse off with warm water and pat face dry. 

  • 1/4 cup mashed strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon organic plain yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey

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Dial M Beauty, Makeup Re-defined.

By Michelle Fong

I am so excited about my first brand video!  Watch the full version here!  Thanks to my lovely friend Ramona for being my model. I will have an additional video published soon with a step-by-step makeover. 


Products used: 

Foundation Brush:

Concealer Brush:

Goddess Brush Set:


Holiday Eyeshadows:

Connect with Michelle:

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Makeup Brush 101

By Michelle Fong

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The Beauty Party and the Mannequin Challenge!

By Michelle Fong

Thank you so much to all those who attended my Dial M Style brand debut party and helped to make it a success!  

I will be posting the photos on my Facebook page.  I wanted to leave a little fun tidbit here of the mannequin challenge! I have to say, I have quite the good looking crowd! 

I offer makeup lessons one-on-one, in a group setting, and online!  You will be sure to have a good time and learn a lot! 

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5 Reasons to Hire a Makeup Professional for your Wedding or Event

By Michelle Fong

5 Reasons to Hire a Makeup Professional for your Wedding or Event

Bridal Makeup Orange County California

1. Time management

It has happened to the best of us, preparing for an event, be it a wedding to attend, a dinner, or girls night, you look at the time and think, OMG, I still have to get ready!!  You fumble to get ready, and inevitably, you are late to the event!  How long does it really take you to do your own hair and makeup?  For an event that will be photographed, such as a wedding, extra preparation, even practice, may be required!  One may think she is really good at makeup, or a friend or sister is really good, but things can vary on the day of the wedding, and you might find yourself with less time than anticipated.  Anyone who is a professional at their job has a system and a technique to get quality work done, quickly and efficiently.  A professional will schedule each member of the party accordingly, so that you won't have any bridesmaids, or the bride, scrambling to get ready!  

My team will work with you to determine what time each member of the bridal party, including moms, will arrive and be finished.  There are often other assignments that bridesmaids have the morning of the wedding, such as picking up flowers or breakfast.  We work within each person's allotted time slot to give her a complete look that will last all day.  

2. Expertise! Your bridal party may not know how to do their own hair and makeup.

I have seen scenarios where either the bridesmaid simply does not know what to do with her hair and makeup, or her vision is off from the brides and the rest of the party.  This puts extra stress on them to be photo ready but to also fulfill bridesmaid duties.  As a result, some bridesmaids may look more done up than others.  We want everyone to feel comfortable, and this is best achieved when each person looks her best, stress free! 


3. Advice. A Professional works with your vision. 

When I am initially meeting a bride, I want her to have as many pictures and examples as possible.   This includes, the dress, the flowers, what she looks like on a normal day, which hairstyles she gravitates toward, the venue, the colors.  I ask questions such as the time of day of the event, how much makeup do you usually wear, what are your everyday activities, which feature of your face do you like the best.  These types of questions help me to get to know the bride and how I can help enhance the qualities that make her shine.  I do not believe in the one size fits all type of wedding look.  As a stylist, I will suggest to you hairstyles and makeup that will suit your dress, face, and personality.  

We will also discuss bridesmaids dresses styles, and ask to provide photos of each person who needs services.  This helps us to suggest the best hairstyles for each person and give them realistic expectations.  The hairstyles you see on pinterest may not be achievable with your own hair!  We need to let you know if your desired hairstyle needs additional work, such as a cut, extensions, extra time to do a style, just to name a few.  

The result is a cohesive look for your wedding in which each person will feel confident, comfortable, and happy throughout the day. 

4. Pampering

Everyone has worked hard for the bride and her big day.  Consider rewarding the party with a professional services.  This is especially nice for the Mother of the Bride, because after all, she deserves a little pampering and the wedding is a perfect reason to do this.  

Mother of the Bride makeup Irvine

5. Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional team of hair and makeup stylists ensures that you will have no worries when it comes to getting ready.  My team is equipped with everything from bobby pins, to hairspray, to highlighter.  We often squeeze in guests who decide last minute that they want their hair and makeup done.  We are also experienced with what to expect on your wedding day, and how to handle mini emergencies.  For example, when the bride's dress is too loose, we have pinned it!  If the dress requires a corset closure, I know how to tie those better than anyone else!  These extra touches is what makes my team so special.  We have the experience to anticipate minor problems that may arise! 

Bridal Party Hair and Makeup



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Beauty Hacks 101: How to Pack Your Makeup Bag!

By Michelle Fong

Beauty Hacks 101: How to Pack Your Makeup Bag!


Hello Lovelies!  Do you take a long time packing your cosmetics for a trip, even if it's a trip to the gym?  I recently shared a broadcast about how to always stay ready, pack light, and have everything you need at your fingertips! 

First of all, you need a practical bag.  The cute valet is from Target.  You may not find the same cute Missoni print, but you will find similar valets with the pouches and compartments similar to mine.  These are the items to pack: 



In the top compartment, I keep all things long handles, such as brushes, pencils, sticks, eyeliners, etc.  Here's where I keep my eyeliners, foundation brush, concealer/primer stick, and eyebrow pencils. 


  • Foundation brush
  • eyebrow brush or pencil
  • eyeliner
  • concealer stick 

These secret compartments are perfect for storing those sample packets we get after purchasing our favorite things.  What I carry:  Sunscreen, deodorant wipe, toothpaste packet, and feminine products. The beauty of this is that you can dispose of these packets when you are done! 


  • toothpaste
  • deodorant
  • sunscreen
  • feminine products

Next I like to carry mini bottles of different things that you might pick up as gifts with purchase, sample sets, you can even buy some of these in the travel section of Sephora.  Here I carry eye makeup remover, make up cleansing gel, perfume, and a primer water.  


  • eye makeup remover
  • face cleaner
  • perfume
  • primer or setting spray (optional)

Makeup Items:  I tend to carry only the basics when it comes to makeup, with a versatile palette and cheek cream.  First of all, it's important for me to carry items that will not break, or that I will not care about if it breaks! 


  • eyelash  curler
  • mascara
  • eyeliner
  • brow pencil and brow brush
  • foundation brush and foundation
  • cheek cream
  • One go-to palette with medium colors (Urban Decay Naked Basics palette)
  • concealer
  • highlighter (optional but great for making tired skin glow!)
  • one eye color pop
  • one lip color pop

Lastly, moisturizers for your hair and skin!

  A little bit of Argan oil goes a long way and this mini of Chi Argan oil is the perfect size, found at Ulta for $1.  It's great for your hair and also your cuticles!  Also, eye drops are important for eye hydration, especially if you are traveling by plane, as well as eye cream for that puffy under eye area.  Don't forget the hair tie! 


  • eye drops
  • soothing eye cream
  • hair tie or clip
  • argan oil


In the larger compartment, I carry my skin tint foundation by Rodial (not pictured), Perfect Hair Day styling creme, this stuff is amazing, and any type of makeup that is a larger than mini sized compact.  I also make sure I have my hydrocotizone, a travel sized lotion, bobby pins, and Q-tips! Everything in my bag is TSA compliant, and the bag unfolds with a hook to hang anywhere for easy access!  


  • lotion
  • hydrocortizone
  • bobby pins
  • q-tips
  • hair styling creme
  • foundation or tinted moisturizer


Don't forget that the new brush set will be in a slim travel clutch, with all the brushes you need! Click here for the product link! 


  • Angled Cheek
  • Contour
  • Blotting Powder
  • Fluffy Crease
  • Angled Shadow
  • Pointed Detailed Shadow
  • Angled brush for brows or eyeliner


Now ladies, never be a hot mess again! 


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Vacation Essentials

By Michelle Fong

Vacation Essentials

On a recent trip to Quebec to style a wedding (for @jose.kessler), I was challenged with how many products I could fit into my luggage and carry-on, considering I needed a range of hair and makeup products for the entire wedding party! The amount of products I could pack for myself were limited due to space and weight constraints, so here are my essentials that I would recommend when packing light! 


1. Belif travel essentials from Sephora.  Recommended by a fellow makeup artist:  @hollyonset.  This little set is perfect for the carry on.  Airplane travel is a sure way to dehydrate your skin, and this compact set makes it easy to swipe on a little cream when needed.  Also included, a cleanser, toner, essence, and eye cream.  Absorbs like a dream and gives your skin a refreshed feeling. 

2. My own Dial M Style Vitamin E stick.  This stick is not just for your lips!  Fits in your purse or pocket easily, and best of all, no need to worry about a clean finger, just swipe with the stick directly onto your skin.  I used this under my eyes and cheekbones a lot to soothe my skin from the hot sun.  

3. Yes to Coconuts Makeup wipes.  Resealable, easy to use, smell refreshing, and leave the skin dewey to the touch.  These wipes are also a hit when my clients are swatching lipsticks on their hands!  Oh, and also very inexpensive!

4. Pur Minerals Double Ego Eyeliner.  This is my go to eyeliner as one side has a felt pen for detailing and wings, and the other side is a retractable pencil for darker intense lines.

5. Stila Kitten Highlighter.  The perfect little compact to add glow to your cheeks, but can also double as an eyeshadow!

As always, drinking water is important, as is sunblock.  For recommendations on sunblock, check out my sunblock review here!  

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What's in your sunscreen and is it safe for the environment?

By Michelle Fong

What's in your sunscreen and is it safe for the environment?

Hello Loves!  As summer approaches, so does the beach and vacations, long days in the park under the sun, a reason to stock up on sunblock for both yourself and for the kiddies!  

As we are trained to slather our skin in sunblock, from creams to aerosol sprays, do we really know what type of chemicals we are putting into our skin, the environment, and where that sunblock may end up?  A recent study found that chemicals in sunblock are killing the coral reefs!  Read the full article from NPR here.  

This prompted me to take a closer look at my sunblocks.  Indeed, there are alternatives, and I'm very happy to find natural and organic sunblocks that are reef safe!  These are just a few of my finds that can be found at Sprouts or Whole Foods, and if you catch them on sale, can be relatively inexpensive ($9-12).  


You will also be surprised to know that some highly recognized names in the sunscreen game have been rated the worst by the Environmental Working Group, names such as Banana Boat, Neutrogena, and Coppertone.  There is a ton of information on their website here.  

For your quick reference, here's a list of things I like about these brands that I did purchase:  

  • Reef Safe
  • Non-Nano
  • Chemical Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Biodegradable

Quick rundown: 

Michelle Sun Shield Coconut SPF 28 Broad Spectrum 

Very light texture that absorbs quickly without feeling greasy.  I have been using this under my makeup and on the back of my hands.  

Goddess Garden Organics Kids Sport SPF 30

Very goopy, thick and takes some rubbing to apply.  I will save this for beach days. 

Badger All Season Face Stick SPF 35

I personally love the convenience of a sunblock in stick form.  This is what I keep in my Disneyland bag.  It smells a little chalky and goes on heavy, but once it's rubbed into the skin, it disappears and I know we are protected.  I use the stick over my makeup and rub it onto my cheekbones often (the area where I most likely burn). 

 Where to find these?  Sprouts, Whole Foods, or Amazon! 

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