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Vacation Essentials

Posted by Michelle Fong on
Vacation Essentials

On a recent trip to Quebec to style a wedding (for @jose.kessler), I was challenged with how many products I could fit into my luggage and carry-on, considering I needed a range of hair and makeup products for the entire wedding party! The amount of products I could pack for myself were limited due to space and weight constraints, so here are my essentials that I would recommend when packing light! 


1. Belif travel essentials from Sephora.  Recommended by a fellow makeup artist:  @hollyonset.  This little set is perfect for the carry on.  Airplane travel is a sure way to dehydrate your skin, and this compact set makes it easy to swipe on a little cream when needed.  Also included, a cleanser, toner, essence, and eye cream.  Absorbs like a dream and gives your skin a refreshed feeling. 

2. My own Dial M Style Vitamin E stick.  This stick is not just for your lips!  Fits in your purse or pocket easily, and best of all, no need to worry about a clean finger, just swipe with the stick directly onto your skin.  I used this under my eyes and cheekbones a lot to soothe my skin from the hot sun.  

3. Yes to Coconuts Makeup wipes.  Resealable, easy to use, smell refreshing, and leave the skin dewey to the touch.  These wipes are also a hit when my clients are swatching lipsticks on their hands!  Oh, and also very inexpensive!

4. Pur Minerals Double Ego Eyeliner.  This is my go to eyeliner as one side has a felt pen for detailing and wings, and the other side is a retractable pencil for darker intense lines.

5. Stila Kitten Highlighter.  The perfect little compact to add glow to your cheeks, but can also double as an eyeshadow!

As always, drinking water is important, as is sunblock.  For recommendations on sunblock, check out my sunblock review here!  

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