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The Flawless Foundation Brush

Posted by Michelle Fong on

Does your makeup ever feel cakey or uneven? Are you wishing your makeup looked more natural, like your skin?

Watch this short video to see how you can simplify your foundation application using our Flawless Finish Foundation Brush!  Add to your cart now!   

Why use a brush: 

  • Spreads the makeup evenly, saving product
  • Applying with a sponge absorbs the product, and fingers pack it on unevenly
  • Streak-free, smooth even finish

The brush features: 

  • Soft, synthetic bristles.  The makeup sits on top of the bristles and disperses evenly on your skin. 
  • Comfortable wooden handle for ease of use. 
  • Will last a long time with proper care (regular cleansing with a mild soap) 

*Never use hot water to wash your brushes.  

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