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How to Apply Lip Liner Video and Chart

Posted by Michelle Fong on
How to Apply Lip Liner Video and Chart


Follow this easy lip guide to shape and define your lips with lip liner.  

Why we wear lip liner:

  • Defines the lip line
  • helps the lipstick to last longer
  • prevents running and feathering in your lip line


  1. Start with a Vitamin E moisturizing stick, (apply the night before if your lips are extra dry)
  2. Identify the shape of your lip in the Lip Guide
  3. Using a lip pencil, follow the outline 
  4. Fill with Lip stick
  5. Show off your pretty pout! 

Watch the video for a step by step demo! 

We are using the Lip Color Hazelnut (313), also available in the Hazelnut Lip Kit! 


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  • Michelle on

    Kathy, the shade she is wearing is hazelnut, and the pencil is cinnamon. The pencil and lipstick are in the hazelnut lip kit! Thank you!

  • Kathy Clark on

    What shade is the lipstick in this VIDEO? Really pretty!

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