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5 Reasons to Hire a Makeup Professional for your Wedding or Event

Posted by Michelle Fong on
5 Reasons to Hire a Makeup Professional for your Wedding or Event

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1. Time management

It has happened to the best of us, preparing for an event, be it a wedding to attend, a dinner, or girls night, you look at the time and think, OMG, I still have to get ready!!  You fumble to get ready, and inevitably, you are late to the event!  How long does it really take you to do your own hair and makeup?  For an event that will be photographed, such as a wedding, extra preparation, even practice, may be required!  One may think she is really good at makeup, or a friend or sister is really good, but things can vary on the day of the wedding, and you might find yourself with less time than anticipated.  Anyone who is a professional at their job has a system and a technique to get quality work done, quickly and efficiently.  A professional will schedule each member of the party accordingly, so that you won't have any bridesmaids, or the bride, scrambling to get ready!  

My team will work with you to determine what time each member of the bridal party, including moms, will arrive and be finished.  There are often other assignments that bridesmaids have the morning of the wedding, such as picking up flowers or breakfast.  We work within each person's allotted time slot to give her a complete look that will last all day.  

2. Expertise! Your bridal party may not know how to do their own hair and makeup.

I have seen scenarios where either the bridesmaid simply does not know what to do with her hair and makeup, or her vision is off from the brides and the rest of the party.  This puts extra stress on them to be photo ready but to also fulfill bridesmaid duties.  As a result, some bridesmaids may look more done up than others.  We want everyone to feel comfortable, and this is best achieved when each person looks her best, stress free! 


3. Advice. A Professional works with your vision. 

When I am initially meeting a bride, I want her to have as many pictures and examples as possible.   This includes, the dress, the flowers, what she looks like on a normal day, which hairstyles she gravitates toward, the venue, the colors.  I ask questions such as the time of day of the event, how much makeup do you usually wear, what are your everyday activities, which feature of your face do you like the best.  These types of questions help me to get to know the bride and how I can help enhance the qualities that make her shine.  I do not believe in the one size fits all type of wedding look.  As a stylist, I will suggest to you hairstyles and makeup that will suit your dress, face, and personality.  

We will also discuss bridesmaids dresses styles, and ask to provide photos of each person who needs services.  This helps us to suggest the best hairstyles for each person and give them realistic expectations.  The hairstyles you see on pinterest may not be achievable with your own hair!  We need to let you know if your desired hairstyle needs additional work, such as a cut, extensions, extra time to do a style, just to name a few.  

The result is a cohesive look for your wedding in which each person will feel confident, comfortable, and happy throughout the day. 

4. Pampering

Everyone has worked hard for the bride and her big day.  Consider rewarding the party with a professional services.  This is especially nice for the Mother of the Bride, because after all, she deserves a little pampering and the wedding is a perfect reason to do this.  

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5. Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional team of hair and makeup stylists ensures that you will have no worries when it comes to getting ready.  My team is equipped with everything from bobby pins, to hairspray, to highlighter.  We often squeeze in guests who decide last minute that they want their hair and makeup done.  We are also experienced with what to expect on your wedding day, and how to handle mini emergencies.  For example, when the bride's dress is too loose, we have pinned it!  If the dress requires a corset closure, I know how to tie those better than anyone else!  These extra touches is what makes my team so special.  We have the experience to anticipate minor problems that may arise! 

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