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What's in your sunscreen and is it safe for the environment?

Posted by Michelle Fong on
What's in your sunscreen and is it safe for the environment?

Hello Loves!  As summer approaches, so does the beach and vacations, long days in the park under the sun, a reason to stock up on sunblock for both yourself and for the kiddies!  

As we are trained to slather our skin in sunblock, from creams to aerosol sprays, do we really know what type of chemicals we are putting into our skin, the environment, and where that sunblock may end up?  A recent study found that chemicals in sunblock are killing the coral reefs!  Read the full article from NPR here.  

This prompted me to take a closer look at my sunblocks.  Indeed, there are alternatives, and I'm very happy to find natural and organic sunblocks that are reef safe!  These are just a few of my finds that can be found at Sprouts or Whole Foods, and if you catch them on sale, can be relatively inexpensive ($9-12).  


You will also be surprised to know that some highly recognized names in the sunscreen game have been rated the worst by the Environmental Working Group, names such as Banana Boat, Neutrogena, and Coppertone.  There is a ton of information on their website here.  

For your quick reference, here's a list of things I like about these brands that I did purchase:  

  • Reef Safe
  • Non-Nano
  • Chemical Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Biodegradable

Quick rundown: 

Michelle Sun Shield Coconut SPF 28 Broad Spectrum 

Very light texture that absorbs quickly without feeling greasy.  I have been using this under my makeup and on the back of my hands.  

Goddess Garden Organics Kids Sport SPF 30

Very goopy, thick and takes some rubbing to apply.  I will save this for beach days. 

Badger All Season Face Stick SPF 35

I personally love the convenience of a sunblock in stick form.  This is what I keep in my Disneyland bag.  It smells a little chalky and goes on heavy, but once it's rubbed into the skin, it disappears and I know we are protected.  I use the stick over my makeup and rub it onto my cheekbones often (the area where I most likely burn). 

 Where to find these?  Sprouts, Whole Foods, or Amazon! 

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