DIY Brown Sugar Scrub for Exfoliation

By Michelle Fong

DIY Brown Sugar Scrub for Exfoliation

I'm a skincare junkie and love looking at stores to see the latest and greatest.  On a recent trip to the mall, I was drawn to Skinfood for their Pineapple cuticle cleaner, and was intrigued by the Black Sugar Mask, but not by it's price tag of $25!  I love sugar for it's exfoliating qualities, but this seemed a little expensive, so I decided to go home and do a little research on my own.  
I looked up "how to make a sugar scrub" on the Google, and with the help of a few bloggers, came up with my own concoction. All of these products are from the grocery store! 
1 cup Organic Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Grapeseed Oil.  
2 tablespoon lemon juice
Mix to obtain a paste consistency.
Smooth the mixture on your face, and leave for 10-15 minutes while you read up on other DIY beauty remedies!  Don't forget to scrub your lips to remove excess lipstick and dead skin.  The scrub will also taste delicious! 
I noticed that the grape seed oil is not so easy to rinse off completely. It feels like a film left on your face, but go ahead and pat dry, and you will see that it absorbs into your skin after about 3 minutes!  
Brown sugar:  It's softer and finer than other sugars, making it safer for sensitive skin, yet strong enough to slough away dead skin cells.  It contains Glycolic acid which helps to improve aging skin and sun damaged skin by promoting cell turnover. It is also a natural humectant, meaning it absorbs moisture from the environment and deposits it into your skin. 
Grape seed oil I found has a a myriad of benefits, such as Anti-acne, anti-aging, it's rich in Vitamins D, C, and E.  (I suppose you can substitute Grape seed oil with coconut oil if you prefer).  Read all about it's benefits here:
Lemon:  contains Vitamin C which can help to lighten and brighten the skin! Lemons also contain anti-bacterial properties which can improve acne and reduce blackheads! 
This is important, the scrub will last you a long time if you store it in an air-tight container and leave it in the refrigerator.  


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